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Squirrel Game

Posted By: Matt Callahan on January 18, 2012 8:28 PM| Views: 4684
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Students (squirrels) gather nuts/acorns (beanbags) and attempt to avoid getting caught by the hawks (taggers).  Teams of squirrels start on one side of the gym and on the other side is the giant acorn tree (needs to be an area, perhaps a mat or a circle) with beanbags (acorns) on it.  Students try to run across, grab one beanbag, and then make it back to drop the beanbag off without getting tagged by one of the hawks.  I split the class into four or five teams and have the teams take turns being the hawks.  Students are safe from being tagged in a hula hoop (bush) along the way and also in the giant oak tree.  If a student is tagged they just drop the beanbag if they have one and go start over.  

KyleIL wrote: on Jan 18, 2012 8:39 PM
Going to give this game a try! I do ones similar where they must get across without being tagged, but never going back!! Just posted 2 squirrel games on here! It's getting a lil nutty!! lame i know!
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